social cartography...
Of Rocks, Shoals, & Soundings There Of, 2018.
composite map of Toronto Island from 1793 to 2018.

Athens, Athens, Athens, 2015
Mixed Media on Arches, 26" by 40"
A layered map of Athens, Ontario on Athens, Texas over Athens, Greece. 

Hydra Harbour Doc, 2015
Mixed media on watercolour paper, 26" 40"
An hour and a half of all Hydra harbour boat traffic drawn in relay format with Athens Art School students and visiting artists.
Visiting Artist in Residence, Athens Art School Annex, Hydra, Greece. Dakis Joannou's "Guilty" was there for a Paul Chan exhibition.

The Peoples's Museum [of Kitchener] 2012
City of Kitchener Artist in Residence Program
Social Cartography Project with community.
360" by 144"

The People's Museum [of Windsor] 2010
Storefront Residency for Social Innovation
organized by: Broken City Lab
Windsor, ON

Humap. 2009
Scotiabank Nuit Blanche TORONTO
Large scale map of Toronto area in graphite on acrylic and wood, as people walked on the 
map it spread the graphite about, distorting the map. October 3, 2009

M.A.P.S. Minor Alterations to Perception Series, 2008

# 3 (above) Future 400 series highway linking Hwy 7/8/85, Kitchener with the Hanlon Expressway and Hwy 6, Guelph. 

# 4 (right) Future 400 series highway linking Hwy 6, Fergus with Hwy 400, Barrie.

Routes based on new gravel pit permits and farm abandonement corridor between studied cities.

the trail...
Branchline, 2006
Elora to Cataract line of Credit Valley Railway (iron rod)
with Grand River and Credit River watersheds (cedar from river bank)
Iron, cement, cedar.
348" by 216" by 60"

Serpent Lake, NM, 2004
Juniper, wire.
156" by 108" by 60"

a line based on hike along ridge to a lake, wood collected from trail...

Kitchen Mesa, NM, 2004
70" by 40" by 17"

a line based on hike to mesa top, wood collected from trail...

Mapping and Burying a ten mile hike, TX, 2003
charcoal on paper, documented with colour photos.