Terrestrial Nuatica, 2017.
Performance with artist Julie Rene de Cotret

Found materials 
Performance and Installation

Sweeping the streets in Hamilton ON for Supercrawl, 
September 2016. Employing a re-purposed farm implement with artists Sarah Mary Duncan, Don MIller, some volunteers and the artist. Special thanks to James Street Supercrawl and Sonic Unyon Records for the generous support.

Renegade Maintenance, 2015
During Third Shift Saint John, NB.

A Constricycle performance and installation. Using a vacant downtown store for a recruitment and training centre, and maintenance facility for the City of Saint John. Featuring Front-End Loader unit with sweeper head installed instead of bucket. We recruited and trained new employees, and maintained / repaired our Constricycle fleet.


Maintenance Facility for Social Infrastructure

Installation and Performance

... harrowing Les Plaine de Plainpalais with bicycle contraption, Geneva.

B.I.G. Steelhenge, 2015

Biennale des espaces d’art indépendants de Genève

invited by Milkshake Agency, Geneva, Switzerland

Curated by Alexia Turlin

Roller Custodial, 2014

An exhibition intervention


Tri-City Stopgaps' inaugural Exhibition 
Waterloo, ON
November 2014

Cityworks, 2014
A Constricycle performance featuring Water Constricycle and crew washing bicycle lanes downtown at

CAFKA 2014, 
"It Should Always Be This Way"
Kitchener, ON

Waiting Room / Transit Jam 2013
Performance as a passenger waiting for a train at a transit stop waiting area installation set in post-electric interurban past, and pre LRT (Light Rail Rapid Transit) future. The 'passenger' would engage with pedestrians asking questions about maps and time in downtown core. Kitchener, ON. 

Constricycle Crew, 2012
performance with kenetic sculptures.

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche TORONTO
September 29, 2012
zone B: Bodies and Buildings
curated by Christina Ritchie

photos: Todd Campbell-Cooper

Greet the GO, 2012
Spontaneous performance with unsuspecting passengers,
Kitchener VIA / GO Station.

The North American Aboveground Subway System, 2012
Sound installation and performance,
aboard the Waterloo Central Railway as part of Steel Rail Sessions, III.
Using a collection of subway sounds recorded from TTC commutes and a re-worked intercom system from 1950's, the artist mixed a live performance in a vintage passenger car en-route from Waterloo to Elmira and back. Authentic sounds of the TTC door chimes, and "stand clears", turnstiles, shuffling and wheels squealing incorporated with live station announcements. Included in the installation, the flanges of the wheels underneath the car were mic'ed, and a sound clash begun between recorded subway sounds and the chirps and squeals amplified from below the car. Passing over trestles and across roadways, the exterior noise flooded the passenger car, heightening the experience of blasting through the surrounding environment.