The People's Museum 
[of Kitchener], 2013
Acrylic on wood panel.
270" by 96"

Breightuapt Community Centre,
350 Margret Ave, Kitchener, ON.

purchased through: 
Artist in Residence Program, 2012.

Mural Jam, 2012
Mural collaboration with community...

Acrylic and chalk on wood panel.
48" by 96"

Downtown Community Centre,
35 B Weber St, Kitchener, ON.

In Time, 2010
Acrylic on wood panel.
48" by 96"

Country Hills Public Library,
1500 Block Line Rd, Kitchener, ON

six part series,
4. Devonian  

1. Pre-Cambrian

Thrombolite: Us, 2009
white portland cement, wax.
3 part series, approx. 72" D. each.

University of Guelph Science Complex, Guelph, ON.