Terrestrial Nuatica, 2017
collaboration with artist Julie Rene de Cotret.
Sculpture, performance, video, and technical drawings.

Sweeper, 2016
Found Materials.

Constricycle Kit, 2015
A build your own Constricycle kit, complete with instructions, safety attire, and all parts necessary to complete your own three wheeled Constricycle with dump box. 

Salvage and wood. Life size.

Constricycles, 2012-2015
Operational Front-end Loader and Dump Truck, Pedal powered.
Continually reworked and improved, now with street sweeper mechanism, and water attachment with pressure pump.
Designed for specific municipal tasks.

Salvaged Tricycles, bicycles, and scrap.
People sized.

Tired Esker, 2012
Salvaged tires, local screening (gravel), acrylic.
396" by 28" by 14"

V-Ate, 2011.
GMO Corn, copper, recycled oil undercoating, on found box, 
126" by 34" by 15"

Garden Madders, 2011
Warrantee replaced GM car parts, 
approx. 72" by 32" by 20" each. 

Jefferson Campbell-Cooper
Weather Cart, 2009
Weather Cart, 2009
found forest materials, human hair & mason jar,
45" by 39" by 34"

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Shove: Fill, 2007
The Natural & The Manufactured
KIAC & Odd Gallery
Dawson, YT

Found Natural Materials
variable dimensions

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Walkin' Boss Series, 2005.
Pulaski, Shovel, Axe.
Bronze with Patina.
Tools are lifesize.

Spade Leaves, 2005.
Bronze with Patina.
31 pieces, 
each approx 10" by 8" by 5" 

Fresno Mine, 2005.
Steel, salvaged wood, limestone, canvas. 
264" by 216" by 50"

Root and Blade, 2004.
Bronze with Patina.
32" by 9" by 12"

Running Boxes, 2004.
Found boxes, rammed earth, branches, 
as rammed earth dried out, integrity failed and box collapsed...
approx. 40' by 24' by 18' each.

Roots, 2004.
Bronze with Patina.
29" by 13" by 11"

Wheel (Concept, Action, Residue), 2003
Salvaged wood and aluminum.
76" D.

All In One, 2003.
Cedar and steel, 
approx. 96" by 36" D each.