Build Your Own Constricycle, 2015 (Greek Version)

Free handout and download series, distributed at
Art Athena, Athens International Contemporary Art Fair.

Grand Bridge Study, 2012 
ink on heavy paper,
60" by 528"

Railway bridges of the Grand River, all with treaty violations, starting from the top left, all views are from the south-side of bridges looking north. Drawn to scale of 1 foot equals 2mm. Large scroll format rolls up on wood handles.



Warren Deck Truss,

Great Western Railway / Wabash then Canadian National with Norfolk Western Trackage Rights

Rail Removed


Pratt Deck Truss and Link & Pin Warren Truss Double Track,

Canada Southern Railway – Michigan Central / Chesapeake and Ohio Railway / New York Central

Rail Removed


Deck Plate Girder and Through Girder,

Hamilton and Northwestern Railway then Canadien National now Rail Link

In Use


Warren Through Truss and Through Girder,

Brantford, Norfolk & Port Burwell Railroad / Grand River Railway

Rail Removed, now a walking trail


Skewed Warren Deck Truss Double Track,

Grand Trunk Western Railway now Canadien National with Norfolk Southern Trackage Rights

In Use

Cambridge (Galt):

Warren Deck Truss and Deck Girder,

Canadian Pacific Railway

In Use

Kitchener (Freeport):

Deck Plate Girder,

Grand River Railway now Goderich & Exeter Railway

In Use

Kitchener (Breslau):

Deck Plate Girder,

Grand Trunk Western Railway then Canadien National now Goderich & Exeter Railway

In Use

The Narrows (The Narrow Way), 2011.
Graphite, acrylic, concrete, varnish, nails on salvaged wood panel, (Hamilton Harbour)
96" by 48"

below: detail

Trail Blazer, 2010.
Graphite, charcoal, acrylic on salvaged panel, 
96" by 36"

Burn Mountain 1 and 2, 2008
Charcoal on Mayfair, 
24" by 36" each.

The Caterpillar, the Worm, and the Snail series, 2007
Graphite and acrylic on wood panel, 
96" by 36"

Silurian Diluvium, 2006
graphite, concrete, acrylic washes on salvaged wood panel.
48" by 96"